Personal Training

Why a Personal Trainer?

Personal trainers are not just for celebrities or top athletes they are an affordable way to quick-start, complement and boost your exercise programme to achieve better results…quicker. Those results can be fitness or health focused and a personal trainer can just as easily help clients with weight loss goals as those who want to improve their personal best in sports competitions

We all need a little bit of help sometimes and a personal trainer can provide you with the motivation, support and experience that you need to get on and do it. And there’s good evidence to back this up!

Fact One

Working out with someone else shows that you are 37% less likely to drop out of a session

(Source: Department of Kinesiology, University of Indiana).

Fact Two

The well documented psychology phenomenon that is the Köhler effect states that people put more effort in when in a group (or one-to-one) situation than when they are on their own. Studies have found that participants can exert up to 200% more effort when working out with a partner and burn an average of 21% more calories.

Fact Three

Even receiving a telephone call is enough to get someone motivated and researchers at Stanford University found that people were 78% more likely to exercise harder as a result of a routine call.

So, What are the benefits of a personal trainer?


When you start your personal training programme you will book a regular appointment with your trainer for your sessions and agree any additional times that you will be exercising. Its important to fix this at the start and to incorporate workouts into your existing schedules. Having a set date with someone will keep you focused and make you less likely to ‘skip’ your training. At each appointment your trainer will be there waiting for you and keep you on schedule.


The word ‘can’t’ isn’t in a personal trainer’s vocabulary.

They will encourage you and support you to demonstrate that you can do everything they ask of you and more. A good personal trainer will work with you to get the best you have to give in a positive way because they believe in you.


Many people employ the services of a personal trainer because they are struggling to see results after plateauing on their own. This is often because they have become stuck in their routines and the body is no longer facing any challenge from the exercise it is performing. Persona trainers have a wide amount of knowledge and experience in new (and old) work-out trends. They can refresh and extend your workout options and keep you engaged in new techniques.


Just because you’ve seen a video on YouTube or someone has shown you an exercise once doesn’t mean to say you are performing it properly. Even the best athletes need an extra pair of eyes from time to time to assess their form and technique. A personal trainer will provide you with instant feedback and tuition about how to perform each exercise and ensure that you a) don’t injure yourself but b) that you are getting the maximum results from your effort. Not only will this prevent injury but will get better results, faster.


Your personal trainer will be fully qualified to provide you with the best programme of exercise that suits you and your goals. It is important that the training you undertake matches the aims you have as simply getting some exercise of lifting weights may not help you achieve success. Endurance, speed, stamina, strength, rehab and weight-loss targets all require different approaches and only some with the correct expertise can tailor a plan to deliver these results.


A personal trainer is there for each and every client, providing non-judgemental support. There are many clients who refuse to use gyms as they feel that other users are judging them and this can make people feel inadequate and self-conscious. When you are working with a personal trainer they will focus their time entirely on you and do not care about anything but you and helping you achieve your goals.

Here at WellNess Sports Therapy we believe in focusing on the individual and tailoring a programme that is well suited for your needs.

We listen carefully during your initial assessment to make sure we understand your goals. We take the time to consider your lifestyle and the practicalities you face when it comes to committing to exercise and put together a regime that is appropriate to you.

We believe in challenging our clients but we don’t believe in giving them unrealistic expectations